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Description: The Wayward Soul is an evergeeen tree which houses an always-burning fire. There is little tangible evidence to suggest that it is anything more or less, but various legends have stated many things about it, with the most common theory being that the fire itself relays prophetic messages through symbols and pictures made from the flame. Various individuals within the Society that have reported encountering the aberrant relay these messages. In a lot of cases, these messages are true.

There is no current evidence to suggest it is hostile or that any drastic measures need to be taken for it to be unknown to Normans and the public. Feasibly hunting it to directly benefit from any helpful information it may impart is near impossible.

Whenever an encounter happens upon the Wayward Soul, it is always with a lone individual or straggler in the woods. It is currently believed this is because the Wayward Soul has a certain set of conditions for being found with one being that the individual is alone.

The tree itself, according to these witnesses, is never burned or enveloped completely by the fire, only being visibly charred on the inside. Accounts on what happens after seeing the tree past its surface appearance diverge into different tales entirely. One account states that the tree’s glow compelled them to come forward via a psychic message, or that the fire itself left the tree and beckoned them to come closer with human gestures.

After coming closer to the tree, witnesses state that they see the future through the flames after which it unceremoniously burns out, leaving the husk of the tree. Exactly 13 of these tree husks have been found, cut down, and have been stored in DCC warehouses to be studied. So far, other than being hollowed out and burned, no major differences can be found between trees that housed the Wayward Soul and regular evergreen trees.

It is assumed that after showing itself to a human, the Wayward Soul appears elsewhere in the North American continent in either Canada, Mexico, or the United States. Reports of it appearing elsewhere are non-existent.

Background: As the aberrant is a legend and thing of entertainment to tell at campfire stories, it is hard to discern what is truth and what is a legend.

Various teams bent on trying to reclaim the missing history of the Society have proposed multiple theories, with four being the most widely accepted:

1. The Wayward Soul is the spectre of Nathaniel Ingram, our founder.
2. The Wayward Soul is a nature spirit.
3. The Wayward Soul is the manifestation of the collective spirit of the Society.
4. The Wayward Soul is a god.

Location and Population: N/A

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Good luck.

Encounter Records:

The following is an excerpt from ”The Society: A Wayward Truth” by James Yvonni, a researcher who’s expressed purpose is to shed more light on the ”blank period” in Society history. This particular passage relates to the Wayward Soul.

”When it comes to matters pertaining to the Wayward Soul I do not pretend to know more than my average bretheren. I have taken the time to travel around the country and have heard many accounts from people who have said they claimed to see it, however. One fellow said that tree

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