One of the many entrances to Culminelos in the Appalachians.
Type Threat Level
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Active Status Other Names
blank.png Eteardogu, The City on his Back

Description: On the occasion that you are hiking through the Appalachians, you might encounter a small, unassuming cave a ways away from the path. If you ignore it and continue to your destination, nothing more will come of it. You'll more than likely forget about it and it will never show itself to you again. If you make the mistake of attempting to enter, seeking haven from the rain or darkness, you will find yourself in a tunnel much, much longer than the tunnel would appear from the exterior. You'll walk for anywhere from hours to days, and if you try to turn around, you'll end up walking even longer. Once you finally make it to the other mouth of the tunnel, you will be in the City on his Back, Culminelos.

Culminelos is a veritable metropolis, consisting of thousands of stone homes and structures, all resting underneath a pitch black sky and lit with torches. The alleyways are paved with ritualistic symbols, and the homes are untouched, all their possessions and valuables sitting as if the residents had stepped out for a quick break. The city itself is a circle about two miles in diameter, ringed by stone walls. Warders may explore the city itself with no fear, for two reasons. Firstly, there is no one in the city to harm you. Not a single soul still lives inside Culminelos' walls. No residents, no shopkeepers, no criminals, no police, no one. Nor are there any corpses or bodies to signal to us what fate may have befallen this unfortunate city. Secondarily, the walls of Culminelos protect you from the true threat that lurks outside the city walls. The scriptures and runes carved into them give them more power than any such material on Earth.

If you make the choice to move forward, past the barriers, you will enter into unfamiliar territory. The stone floors will give way to a hard, red, fleshy substance. A word to the wise: tread lightly, both literally and figuratively. After numerous expeditions, we've successfully mapped the land Culminelos sits on, and it is not a reassuring conclusion. The City is built on the back of some gargantuan humanoid creature, as it floats in the void. Its right arm has either been removed or was never there to begin with,


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Hunting or Procurement Methods: You can't force Culminelos to open itself to you

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