Aberration Category

Every aberration is assigned a category designation within the Society. As more aberrations were being discovered and cataloged a new way of differentiating the types were needed. The five categories: Cryptid, Artifact, Metaph, Spectre, and Evergreen accomplishes this.

There was no standard format of categorization before the Wayward Society Catalogs were established. These categories have now recently become the standard for most of the Society. Follow them when cataloging the Society’s knowledge on the spirits, beasts, and relics it encounters.



Cryptid-type aberrations are entities with physical forms. Aberrrations of this type don’t necessarily have to exhibit any “magical” or anomalous properties, but some do. A lot of urban legends such as El Chupacabra, Moth Man, and the Jersey Devil would be classified as this type of aberrant. Even more so, a Cryptid covers physical beasts, plants, microbes, fungi, or most creatures that have a form in the physical world. A virus could even be placed in this category.



These aberrations are defined as (most of the time) inanimate objects that have some sort of special property. In some cases, they can also be a particular zone or area of land. An example of what would be an artifact would be the Holy Grail or Moses’ staff. Physical but inorganic and inanimate things go in this category. Note that it is completely possible for an Artifact to have sentience.



These aberrations are defined as non-physical, non-human entities. A Metaph's existence is metaphysical in nature, but they can manifest in the real world. Often times rituals are used to deal with these types of aberrations, or the destruction of any objects that they may be tied to. Examples of what would be considered a Metaph are divine deities, angels, demons, and nature spirits. Unexplained phenomena that manifests in the physical world can also be categorized as Metaphs. Many mythological creatures and figures would be considered Metaphs. Metaphs can commonly possess other creatures or objects, but are still categorized as a Metaph.



A Spectre is defined as an aberration who once existed in the physical sense, but now only exists an echo of their former selves. Often times these entities are anchored to objects or places, but can be conjured in rituals. Each particular Spectre has their own behavior and properties. Usually these incorporeal entities are contained, banished, or appeased. Often times some Spectres require multiple expulsions or methods of appeasement until a certain condition is met to fully be rid of it.



These types of aberrants are a special category, meant for creatures that exist only physically but display extremely abnormal properties related to eternal life, that are not understood. Evergreens are aberrations that defy all natural laws and even supernatural laws to continue their existence. These abnormal properties can be defined as immortality, reincarnation, or complete invulnerability to certain effects, among others. Evergreens are especially used as a catch-all for more misunderstood entities (usually Cryptids) that may not fit in any other category due to their nature of opposing death. An example of Evergreen is the Phoenix (which may qualify as a Cryptid, but its property of immortality through immolation qualifies it for the Evergreen category). The pop culture entity, Dracula, is considered an Evergreen due to his abilities of supernatural immortality.

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