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What is The Wayward Society?


The Wayward Society is an ensemble of various specialized outfits, spread all across the North American continent under the command of The Great Circle, and risk their lives for the safety of human society under the motto "I know, therefore I act".

The Wayward Society is responsible for several tasks that ensure the safety and well being of society. These tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • The hunting or eradication of several types of dangerous creatures, objects, and entities commonly referred to as "Aberrations".
  • The control and investigation of Aberrations for a better understanding of their existence.
  • The destruction of the malicious type of entities known as ”Cryptids” and ”Evergreens”.
  • The elimination or recovery of any objects with anomalous properties, commonly referred to as "Artifacts".
  • The investigation of Artifacts whose properties may benefit the Wayward Society or the human race itself.
  • The banishing and quelling of malicous intangible entities known as ”Spectres” and ”Metaphs”.
  • The concealment of any and all anomalies from the public eye to evade massive hysteria amongst normal people.

The fulfillment of these responsibilities lies in the actions of "Warders", brave men and women who have taken off the blindfold that kept them ignorant to the existence of these anomalies, and fight day to day against the forces that plague this world.

While some Warders do their jobs voluntarily, others strive to make this as their fulltime job. In those cases, many contractors offer bounties for the hunt of any aberrations that may roam across their lands, giving great opportunities for Warders to receive voluminous rewards in exchange of their sacrifice.

Some may take it upon themselves to deal with an aberrant in their local area, doing their local community a service and furthering the Society mission.

On this site, you will find different articles that depict all kinds of creatures and anomalies, which are compilations of experiences from previous Warders who have faced danger and come out to tell about it, making it easier for others to find information about a specific creature or object. Although the various Data Collection Centers have parsed through the information as best as they can, not all articles are written uniformly due to differing Regional styles. These articles can be expanded by any Warders who wish to contribute to the cause, as long as all the information is true and is told from experience.

The modern organizational structure of the Wayward Society can be seen below. The term Cells is interchangeable with Outfits (See Common Terminology).


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