Activeness Meter

When looking for the current status of an aberrant, it might be a little hard to ascertain that information from the article itself. These will clarify the status of a particular aberrant and are the evaluations of the Data Collection Center in charge of the article. Note that these may not be accurate in all cases due to aspects of an aberrant which may not have been documented yet.

Active, Prominent


This aberrant is alive and well. It is very active, and the Society has noticed.

Active, Unknown


This aberrant is most likely active, but it is unknown how active it is or where it might be currently.

Inactive, Pacified


The aberrant is active, but it isn’t going to do humanity any harm or be noticed by regular people due to either its inherent nature or the fact that the Society is keeping it in check. Inanimate artifacts usually go in this category.

Inactive, Destroyed


The aberrant is killed, no longer active, or has been harmed to the point where it will never show signs of activity again.

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