Common Terminology

As you are browsing our site, you may be wondering what some of the terms you come across in articles might mean. Hopefully this list will be able to help you out so you can be on your way.

Aberration / Aberrant — Simply put, these are creatures or objects that don’t act normally. In the context of the Society this means they (most of the time) exhibit anomalous and unnatural properties. What constitutes an Aberration or a normal animal is a hot debate, though it's accepted that Aberrations are things not accepted by mainstream science.

Warders — The backbone of the Society. These are the footsoldiers that catch your run-of-the-mill aberrant. Usually you will see these type of units hunting White to Orange severity aberrants. Like all members of the Society at every level, most units keep their identity a secret by using codenames and living off the grid.

Outfit — A group of Warders who have banded together to hunt an aberrant. These groups are in charge of keeping aberrants in their localized areas in check. Specialized outfits could potentially be constantly traveling as reports of sightings or requests are given to them on a daily basis.

Red Ryder — An inexperienced Warder. This is a Warder who thinks they can go out with a Red Ryder BB gun and hunt down Big Foot with it.

Rangers — An experienced and seasoned Warder who has shown themself to be a master at accomplishing the Society’s will. Usually you will see these units being the leader of large outfits and hunting red to black severity aberrants.

Norman — A term of endearment by some and loathing by others, Normans are the colloquial Society nickname for those who lack the knowledge of the supernatural and paranormal. "Normal" Norman knows little to nothing about how things really work out in the woods.

Data Collection Center — These are the places which, eponymously, collect data. The articles you read are usually compiled in these places as they distribute information on aberrations. At times, they may pass along bounties for killing or collecting aberrations, usually from the Bureau or for private study from Society members. As soon as a successful hunt is accomplished the logs for that hunt is incorporated into an article. This creates the potential for varied logs and the ongoing development of tactics.

The Great Circle — These members make up the highest echelons of the Society. While all Warders have access to almost all information of the things they hunt or procure, these top-ranking members have access to articles and information currently forbidden for regular viewing due to their implications. Members at this standing display a level of skill and valor that sets them apart from the regular Ranger. They have been described as ominous and very secretive, keeping even their code names unknown to the regular Warder, instead opting to use generic names. They are also collectively considered to be the “leaders” of the Society and coordinate all of the Data Collection Centers. The current mechanisms for selecting new members of this group are kept a secret and seemingly happen at random.

The Bureau — A term for the paranormal-oriented agencies1 of the United States and Canadian government that assists the Society once in a while. Like the Society, these agencies are secretive and perhaps even deal with other organizations separate from the Wayward Society. Often times these groups will use their governmental influence to help the Society stay under the radar, provide the Society with information on potential aberrants, and even partially fund projects essential to the execution of the Wayward mission. However, this alliance can only be described as shaky at best.

Fringe — Fringes are outsider organizations or factions. Sometimes used to refer to rogue groups within Warder society or even larger organizations that are not aligned with Warders.

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