Wayward FAQ


1. Where did the Wayward Society come from?

Like many horror-themed writing communities, Wayward started as a thread on 4chan's /x/ board. The wiki itself was created on July 8th, 2018.

2. Are you affiliated with the SCP Wiki, RPC Wiki, Wanderer's Library, or any other writing site?

No, Wayward is an independent site with its own community and universe, though we do share many users from different writing and horror sites. We are well-established enough that it's very unlikely we will ever merge with another wiki.

3. What was the very first aberration/article ever written?

That's difficult to answer. Many of the earliest pages were unlisted during the establishment of a new critique system, and remain so due to either inactivity of the authors or low quality in comparison to more recent works. It's possible that the true first aberration was deleted.


1. I accidentally rated my own article! How can I undo it?

Unfortunately, the star rating system of Wikidot doesn't allow anyone to remove votes, only change them. Don't worry, though. Self-rating will never get you in trouble and if needed we can ignore your own vote.

2. Why are the forums slow?

Although it isn't a replacement for a proper forum section, the Wayward Wiki does have an official Discord server, and many of our members use it for live chat. Reasonably, it may take a few hours for someone to reply to your thread, especially outside of the critique-related categories.

3. Is it okay to give someone the application passcode if they're stuck?

Please don't do that, even in private! We have the passcode system in place to force new users to read the rules before joining the wiki, which everyone should do in the first place. We would never intentionally make the passcode too difficult to find, and anyone with the reading comprehension skills needed to interact on our site should be able to find it easily.

4. If I make an author page, can I link other creative writing works not related to Wayward?

Yes, you can.


1. I really like your stories and I have an idea for one. Can I write something for Wayward?

Yes, absolutely. Anyone is allowed to contribute to the site and we always welcome new authors. Make sure to read the Writing Guide for information on developing a draft.

2. I'm not very interested in writing but I can do critique. Is that okay?

Again, absolutely. Critique is necessary for the health of our wiki, and we do consider people who can consistently do helpful, in-depth critique to be contributors in their own right.

3. Hey, I made art or a project based on the Wayward Society. Can I show you?

You can! We have a section in the forums for all fan-created media and we'd love to see what you've made.

4. What happens when my article gets deleted?

You should receive a PM from a staff member shortly before deletion with all the source code from the original page. If you don't, and you want it, please message a site admin to see if a backup can be recovered.


1. I really like your stories, and I want to make something based off them, but I noticed that you use a Creative Commons license. Can you make an exception for me so that I can own the rights to the material?

No, we literally can't do that, sorry. Not only would it be illegal, but it would be incredibly unfair to all of our writers.

2. Can I make money off Wayward stuff anyway?

Yes, you're allowed to, so long as you understand that you probably won't be able to make a living off of it. Along with proper citation, anything that directly references/uses Wayward content needs to be released under the same license. Essentially, this means that anyone else could then take your own work and do as they want with it, so long as they also credit you and use the same license. This includes re-selling it on their own platform. You can learn more here.

3. If I wanted to cite something from Wayward, how would I go about it?

The following is an example of a basic way to correctly cite an aberration:

Rudy's Cookbook is based on "Dead God" by Wydness: http://www.wayward-wiki.net/aberration:dead-god
All content originating from or based on the works of http://www.wayward-wiki.net/ is licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

Something like this should be noticeably visible somewhere on your work, preferably in the description. In the case of downloadable content, it might be smart to include a text file. Some media sites also offer the option to add a license to an image or video when you upload it. (For example: DeviantArt requires that all uploads choose a licensing option from a dropdown menu.) In the end, what's most important is that you credit the author if you're able to find their identity, provide a link to the source material, and apply the correct license.

4. Does that mean that if I write something for Wayward, I have to release it under Creative Commons too?

Yes, you do. The content of every single page on this Wiki is already licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0. This includes the format, lore, characters, insignia, and the works of other authors. It is because of this license that our writers are allowed to legally write Wayward content in the first place. Please don't take this as meaning that you have no control over your work! No one ever has the right to claim your art or writing as their own.

5. I'm interested in translating the Wayward Society Wiki into another language. Can I do that?

Yes, there are currently several people developing sister sites with German, French, and Chinese translations, and we'd be happy to welcome new branches. If you feel like it's a worthwhile project, familiarize yourself with our license and image use guide, then contact a site moderator or admin for more information.

This list will be updated as we receive more and more users with specific questions about how the Wayward Wiki functions.

Unless stated otherwise Content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License 2019