Frequently Asked Questions


Breach of Secrecy

The Society, in its current state, does not have any magical pictures or objects to erase someone’s memory on a large scale. There very well may be individual aberrants that exhibit this property, but not every member is going to have access to it. The Society, therefore, has to be very careful as there isn’t any widely-available safety net. If a breach of secrecy is detected or an aberrant has been spotted by a large group of people, it is up to the Society to right them via means which are more grounded to reality.

The Bureau, on occasion, will help the Society to contain breaches of information pertaining to either themselves or the Society. However, if, for example, a Lovecraftian being showed up out of the blue there would be nothing to revert the damage.

Code names

The Society, for the most part, uses code names when on Society errands. Though it is not explicitly forbidden to refer to other members by their names, it is in the best interest of those who want to keep themselves anonymous, and make their job easier as a result to do so.


There is no such thing as stringent guidelines on how people are drafted into the Society. If you would like to write a story about how someone is drafted, you can choose whatever way you want. Some plausible scenarios like these would be a good place to start:

  • Someone is already hunting an aberrant, but doesn’t necessarily know about Society. They are encountered by an outfit hunting the same aberrant and are given an invitation.
  • Someone who lives off the grid and already knows about aberrants would likely receive an invitation.
  • Close friends and family members of existing members are recruited if they have the aptitude.
  • Someone has successfully gone through the meticulous process necessary to access the Society database, and is invited to work at the Society as either a Data Collection Center worker or a Warder themselves.

Keep in mind that Warders are not necessarily limited to only off the grid hunters. Humanoid aberrants who are friendly towards the Society can become a Warders, which can include spectres. Witches, wizards, monks, mystics, and priests would also be welcome as they fulfill a niche within the Society.

Other organizations

As of the time of updating, we are not connected to any other creative writing canon. We are our own, standalone project. The only outside organization we have established is The Bureau, which is a fringe group the site has established for itself in the Societyverse. For now, and probably forever, we are going to stay separate as our own universe. This most likely will not change in the future. It is wholly possible for there to be groups like the Wayward Society outside of North America, they just haven’t been established yet.

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