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The original and official seal of the Wayward Society.

Humble Beginnings

The Society, as an official organization, began somewhere in the 19th (possibly 18th) century by a group of monster hunters, spiritual cleansers, and relic collectors whose number is currently agreed to be around fourteen. They established themselves in the United States of America, traveled around the country, and maybe the globe at times to protect humanity from malicious forces. This group would call themselves “The Great Circle”. The organization at that time was not well documented, so take any speculation about the true nature of the Society’s origins with a pinch of salt.

The Founder’s Legacy

The founder of the Society, Nathaniel Ingram, collected around thirteen other colleagues of monster hunters and relic collectors to found “The Great Circle”. After the death of a couple of the senior members of this group Nathaniel Ingram realized the work they tried to accomplish would take generations, and hence he established the Wayward Society with The Great Circle as the administrating body.

A New Threat

In Nathaniel Ingram’s travels around the country, he eventually heard of a truly terrifying beast. There is very little documentation about this encounter, but it is known that the beast had terminated many aberrants and Warders alike. Not much is known about the properties of this particular aberrant, but by the end of the bloodshed, it too had taken the life of Nathaniel. What happened to the aberrant after that is unknown, but it is believed currently that The Great Circle currently has it restrained, somehow. This knowledge is hidden except only to the few members of the Great Circle.

Life For The Society After Nathaniel Ingram

The Society has a long and rich history with a diverse range of hunters, relic collectors, spiritual cleansers, and much more who have heeded the call to destroy, banish, and keep at bay malicious entities. To help them accomplish this goal, they will sometimes employ the use of tamed aberrations, benevolent entities, and select artifacts.

The main Society is based in North America, but this doesn't exclude the notion that the Society has branches or contacts in other lands. And although it was created with the intention of protecting the US settlers in the 18th century, countries from all over North America have joined with the Wayward Society in its pursuit of the protection of humanity. The Seal of the Wayward Society is simply a nod to the origins of the Society.

Though founder Ingram's legacy has continued on, the number of Warders recruited has been low, and the Society is attempting to establish incognito programs to recruit potential candidates. By discovering us, you have been already been selected. Information that will aid you in your participation of the Society is documented here.

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