Threat Level

Every aberration is assigned a Threat Level within the Society. The tradition of Threat Levels were mentioned in the various Wayward encyclopedias published in the 19th century, albeit unofficially within Society standards. The unofficial categories utilized a variety of color schema to denote the dangers of an aberration.

Only recently has the Society has codified a Threat Level used by all official Society Members. Follow these guidelines when adding a new entry into the catalog.



A designation marker on White means the aberration can be easily controlled or destroyed.

  • Poses a non-existent to low threat to Warders or Norman.



A Blue designation means the anomaly proves harder to control than white threats, and has caused or can cause a low number of deaths or minor injuries to The Wayward Society or Norman.

  • Poses low to moderate threat for Warders and Norman.



Orange advises care when handling aberrations of this designation. The aberration has caused or can cause multiple deaths or major injuries among The Wayward Society or Norman, and needs an experienced outfit to be controlled or destroyed.

  • Poses a moderate to high threat to Warders and Norman.



A Red threat level indicates the aberration has caused or can cause a severe number of deaths. It can also cause mass panic among Norman society if its existence is revealed. Should be controlled/destroyed as soon as possible by two or more medium sized, experienced outfits.

  • Poses high to extreme threat for Warders and Norman.



An aberration assigned Black threat level has caused or can cause complete devastation of entire ecosystems, or destruction over a large scale area. It can also account for a powerful aberration that is best left dormant or unbothered, or perhaps one that is too powerful to be stopped under normal circumstamces. It should be controlled or destroyed immediately by members of the Great Circle or multiple large-scale experienced outfits.

  • Poses an extreme threat to Warders, Norman, and ecosystems.
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