Alphabet-Skyhawk War Hub

From The Alphabet-Skyhawk War, published 11 February 2029

The secretive nature and function of the Wayward Society's mission has typically served as a unifying force that allowed different Outfits to come together and work as one, or at the very least, to respect one another's boundaries and politely avoid interacting. However, because of the Wayward Society's decentralization, different Outfits have, from time to time, come into conflict with one another. Sometimes two groups may disagree over the treatment or handling of a certain aberrant. Sometimes two groups may compete for resources or materials. As with any organization involving humans, conflict can become inevitable.

The events in the American Mid-South in 2019 and 2020, however, defy simple explanation within this paradigm. The origins of the conflict between Alphabet Unlimited Outfit and Skyhawk Battalion Outfit can be traced to philosophical differences; the inevitability of conflict may be traced to logistics, or potentially just bad luck.

The consequences of the War may never be fully catalogued, but there is some accounting of the events that transpired…

Lisa R. M. Czhamboshki, Headclerk
Purple Toad DCC, Paducah, KY




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