Old News, New Day

This page is meant for archived news posts from the front page.

  • August 19th, 2018 — The main list has been updated to display the accepted articles. We will be opening a Bahane Sandbox category soon and have a button to direct you to create one. The Bahane (story in the tongue of the Diné), is a collection of tales, logs, or other media that outfits have gathered. These articles do not have a set format and will be more freeform. We will be announcing important information in the Discord regarding a change in submission policy since we have learned a lot from our first round of submissions.
  • August 15th, 2018 — We are currently undergoing critique/voting of all submitted articles, including pre-existing ones. The main-list will be updated in five days and positively voted articles will come back on. Check the forums if you'd like to check out any article submissions, or get a direct link to the articles!
  • August 14th, 2018 — The new wiki format is up! Read the Writing Guide in the sidebar to see how it functions and how to port the current articles over.
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