Fuzzy White Spiders
Fuzzy White Spiders
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"Oh my God what the fuck!? Shit Shit Shit!"

The "Fuzzy White Spiders" Cryptid is a bit more of a phenomenon than anything. They've only been seen during November and December specifically in caves/dark and damp areas, commonly where you would find mold, leading some clerks to believe that perhaps these "Spiders" are actually a form of moss rather than a form of arachnid— more research is needed on this theory.

Living up to their name, Fuzzy White Spiders are indeed, fuzzy white Spiders. They're not even that big and they're bites are not painful, however, they do leave behind painful blisters. This is where the anomalous effects appear, for the blisters have been shown to grow to large sizes, from the size of a quarter, to the size of a large tumor. When popped, hundreds of the fuzzy white Spiders will burst forth from the blister, and they will either scramble to hide, or, feast on the creature from which they popped.

The spiders themselves are very hostile as soon as they reach the adult phase of life, but, during their adolescence and egg phases they are quite passive, and could even be considered "shy".

Location and Population:
Fuzzy White Spiders can be found in/around the following areas during November and December only:
Red Bluffs, California
Page, Arizona
Plattsburgh, New York
Camp Severn, Canada
Littlefork, Minnisota
They are often found in clusters, very rarely wandering on their own.

Extermination Methods:
While there appears to be no way to actually eradicate their species completely, there are ways to prevent further spreading. If you are bitten, the best thing to do is to act quickly; grab a large, flat, and metal object. and make sure to heat it up to be very hot. Clothing Irons and Brands are the best for this. Grab a belt to bite onto, and press the heated metal into the blister as quick as possible. Please note: This will hurt, a lot.

If you find a cluster of Fuzzy white spiders, we advise you use an improvised flame thrower (Hair spray and a lighter) or something of the sort to light'em up. Home made napalm can also work but is not advisable due to the environmental hazard it presents. But in all honesty, a forest fire is better than an outbreak of those things.

Encounter Records:
Fuzzy white Spiders were first seen when a Warder was hunting when he saw a Deer on the ground, it appeared to be injured. On it's side was a festering wound covered in fuzzy white spiders that scuttled about, picking at exposed tendons and meat, making a feast out of the poor half dead deer. This was very confusing seeing as spiders aren't what you would describe as "Pack Hunters" and have no taste for venison. As he got closer, one of the spiders lept out and bit the back of his hand, he quickly squashed it, and he didn't even notice that it had bit him. Over the next couple days he had observed a massive white blister on his hand. Eventually it began to bother him immensely, and he popped it with a needle, causing hundred of Fuzzy White Spiders to burst forth, they scuttered all down his body, down to the floor where they dove into the cracks of the wood.
Understandably, he burnt down the cabin.

Additional Notes:
I would advise Warders and Rangers in the mentioned locations of the spiders to carry around an improvised flame thrower around during November and December, as well as a clothing iron just in case.
-Clerk Jacob

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