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Welcome to my author page, where GAYWARD is real!


I don't need to resize perfection.

Things I wrote:

- Easter Bunny - Current rating average: 4.7 stars - Formerly highest-rated article -

- Dead God - Current rating average: 4.2 stars - Formerly most voted article -

Other Projects

- Interactive Wayward Society Map


(Coming soon)


- [Dieu Mort], French translation of "Dead God" by Dr LekterDr Lekter

Fan Art Showcase

How I rate articles:

I don't think anyone else has talked about this, so this is the kind of thought process I try to use when leaving a a star rating on an article.

★ - Below deletion range. I see no benefit to the article remaining on the site due to its overall low quality.
★★ - Below deletion range. I dislike this article, and I wouldn't be opposed to deleting it if needed.
★★★ - Above deletion range. Probably not something I'd re-read, but it has enough merit to justify keeping.
★★★★ - Above deletion range. Good quality article. It's likely that both the concept and writing are at least decent.
★★★★★ - Above deletion range. This is exactly the kind of writing I want to see on the site.

Cool rating module that you can't click:

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