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Wayward Wiki Author Page Guidelines:

- Wayward does not require writers to have a certain number of articles before creating their own author page, and we encourage site members to create one when they feel ready. This rule may be subject to change in the future to prevent spam - use common sense. (We generally recommend having 2-4 other pages on the site before making one.)

- Seasonal and holiday related CSS (e.g. Pride Month themes), while only allowed on written works during relevant times of year, are welcome on author pages at all times. Authors have a lot of freedom to decorate their personal page as they see fit, with some exceptions.

- Wayward does not condone iconography or promotion of terrorist groups and hateful ideologies on author pages, and such material is subject to removal. This includes Antifa, Neo-Naziism, and other violent modern groups or organizations. Additionally, illegal content is not permitted on author pages and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Author Page Creation ⤵

Future repository for author pages.

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