Concerning The Grave Diggers


The following document has been released directly onto the Society intranet and distributed by local Data Collection Center representatives. The document was originally written by a member of the Great Circle; unfortunately, their position within the Society makes anonymity a necessity, as a protection against particular unsavory groups. The author may be referred to as GC-Blackhawk.

Hello, Warders. I will attempt to make this message as concise and coherent as possible. I know how rare of an occasion a member of the Great Circle reaching out to the community is, and how much you all enjoy bickering about us.

This message concerns an issue which we've been observing for quite some time now, and we've seen fit to intervene. As it stands now, we see that the Society may undergo a minor schism in the coming months, something we would prefer not to occur. As such, we have decided to release an official statement that we hope will quell a controversy before it begins.

This controversy involves a particular group of Warders who have chosen to specialize their interests in investigating aberrations, collecting data, and then selling this oftentimes vital information to the highest-bidding Warder, prior to engagement with the aberration. As time went on, this became less of a hobby and more of a profession; digging up information from Normans for profit proved to be a viable source of income, and usually without the added danger of engaging directly with an aberration.

There were approximately five individuals pursuing this position when it first began to gain attention. Now, the number has risen to nearly seventy-five. As you are all certainly aware, the Warder community at large has been less than pleased with this development. The primary objections to the Grave Diggers, as they began to be called, were as follows:

  • The price of information meant a decrease in profits from bounties.
  • The veracity of the information transacted could not be verified, with only the reputation of the Digger serving as a source of reliability.
  • The Grave Diggers could not rightly be called Warders, as they rarely interacted with aberrations or were put in danger.

This final accusation is the one that the Great Circle has been most troubled by. Many of you can guess that this hostility will result not in the collapse of the Grave Diggers as a profession, but its detachment from the Society as a whole, acting as an autonomous Fringe group. Many of you, in fact, support this outcome.

Whatever benefit you see in doing away with the Diggers, it in no capacity outweighs the threat of having a Fringe with immense amounts of information selling to the highest bidder in the aberrant community.

We cannot allow something like this to come to pass. And so we come to our announcement.

The Grave Diggers are here to stay. They will neither be cast out of the community nor dissolved, but instead accepted as an official role for Warders to undertake.

We understand that this will not be a popular decision, and we apologize. We oftentimes do not directly interact with the Society for this very reason. However, believe us when we say that we are doing this for your own good; our own good.

With that being said, a few changes to the operations of the Grave Diggers will be instituted.

Firstly, prices of information package in aberrations can only be a third of the total bounty offered for the aberrant itself. Moreover, if you feel as though the information you received was not worth the money given for it, your appeal can be reviewed to determine if it's legitimate. If it is, you are guaranteed a refund by the Grave Digger in question.

Secondly, Grave Diggers who provide false information either for malicious reasons or due to willful negligence will be removed from their position to the best of our ability.

Thirdly, Grave Diggers will be encouraged to join hunting parties for aberrations whenever necessary. The price of hiring one should be only a fifth of the promised bounty, and along with that comes all the information they've gathered and another set of hands for the job.

To put things as simply as possible:

The price of information packages have been lowered, and you can make an appeal if you didn't get your money's worth.

Grave Diggers distributing false information will get them kicked out of the community.

You can now have a Grave Digger accompany you on a hunt to give real-time advice, for a small price, and they also get a full share of bounty.

Below are linked several prominent Grave Digger outfits, if you're unsure who to contact first. Grave Digger outfits are generally a loose coalition of friends, united under a captain whenever multiple people are needed for a job.

Good day to you all.

We know, therefore we act.


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