Johnny's Conspiracy Segment

The following is an excerpt from Warder Johnny Jones' latest conspiracy segment on the Myrtle Beach Wayward Radio. It was broadcasted on an encrypted channel on 2/2/2019 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


You are now listening to the Conspiracy Segment of the Myrtle Beach Wayward radio. Prepare to be filled in on ALL the conspiracies and controversy within the Society.

(Theme music starts playing for a couple seconds.)

Now, let's get the show moving. I'm Johnny Jones and you are listening to Johnny's Conspiracy Segment: the BEST place to be filled on the Wayward Society of North America's hottest stories and conspiracies.

Let's get the ball rolling. First off is the conspiracies. I've gotten a lot this past week, so I've narrowed them down to three which I think are the most interesting.

First one comes from Marie Anton. Marie's a good friend of mine. She works at my local DCC. Anyways, Marie says:

"Johnny, I've heard that in recent times that the Bureau is actually controlling the Great Circle. Is this true?"

Well, Marie. I'm surprised you only heard that now. That's an old but good one. Older than me, even. Now, little old me ain't gonna solve that kind of thing, but I do appreciate the faith you have in my abilities. There are some things even beyond what Johnny can solve, believe it or not. I can comment, though. Personally, no. I don't believe that's true. People just get up and are never seen again once they're chosen for that kind of thing, but I guess that could just be a cover? The regional directors get to see them sometimes, and they say they're not just Bureau plants, so I believe them. Anyways, onto the next one.

This next one comes from Mark Reis. Mark says:

"I heard that the recent red-rated Foolgrabber info that the Potnam Gravediggers just collected is a scam! Johnny, I think that the Foolgrabbers are a fake phenomenon they fabricated!"

Well, Mark. Good guess, but again your boy Johnny's got the real scoop. As I'm sure that you all know, the Foolgrabbers have become infamous in recent time for how quickly they popped up and how many they have killed so far, and so lots of people are scrambling to find out more. The bounty's a ridiculously high price now I believe. This one I know a little more about. I wouldn't put it past Gravediggers to do that, and we can't really tell without seeing the so-called "info" first, but your boy Johnny's got connections. Those fools thought they could get past Johnny's spies. They were wrong. One of the boys were able to take a picture of the photos they took of the Foolgrabbers. I put it past a photograph-saavy friend of mine, and he said that the lighting and everything lined up. I'm not exactly gonna spill the beans on everything in the case that these Potnam folk put a sniper dot on my head, but hint hint, they're most likely metaphs, and they look naa-a-asty. But, in the case they're lying, the higher-ups will deal with it, so if it's fake the scammed can get their money back.

Final one is from Ian Yang. Ian says:

"Johnny, with the existence of 'The Apex' being confirmed by the Great Circle in recent times with the statement as the thing that killed the founder, what do you think it was? They didn't elaborate, and it makes me think something fishy is going on."

Your guess is as good as mine, Yang. Personally, I believe that this 'Apex' could have just been a wild hog for all I care. People talk about Ingram like he's a god, and make him into some kind of folk legend. I believe the Great Circle is just too afraid to admit that Ingram just fluked and paid the price. But it's fun to theorize. You know, maybe little Moth Boy was flying around, gave Ingram bad luck, and he fell into a pit. Maybe. Anyways, I guess this ends the conspiracy segment. Next up is the news segment with Carlotta after the transition jingle. Catch y'all on the flip side.



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