Bureau Report #2931


The Bureau has interests in protecting our homeland and the rest of the North American continent from entites hereafter referred to as “incongruities”. Incongruities, if known by the larger public, would destroy the peace that The Bureau and the rest of the governmental body of the United States of America has worked so hard to achieve.

To ensure homeland security The Bureau will ally itself with likeminded organizations, and help ensure the collection and destruction of entities exhibiting anomalous properties for a better tomorrow.

Incrongruties have proven themselves to be able to undermine the American Dream and must be destroyed and / or studied for the benefit of the American public along with our allies.


Report #: 2931 (WWS-4-F)

Summary: The Chairman has gone on their fourth trip to attempt to persuade “The Wayward Society” (WWS) into allowing The Bureau to introduce them to the organizations of [Data Effaced]. The Chairman intended to inquire about the entity nicknamed “The Apex” by WWS, but decided against it once the representative of the WWS became, in their words, “belligerent” and “uncooperative”.

Results: Failure.


The Chairman has submitted a tape to the Burea database detailing the events. During the entire exchange, the Chairman had used their mental talents to summon the twin synthetic revenants for her own safety. She has been thoughtful enough to censor some events of the tape as a matter of necessary secrecy. To access this tape, one must gain direct permission from The Chairman themself.

The Chairman has also provided their own personal input on the events. See below.

Chairman Input pertaining to Incident WWS-4-F: I regret to inform my colleagues that I was unable to convince WWS-GC- D “Great Circle member Dane” of the WWS to allow us to introduce their organization to [Data Effaced], and to share information pertaining to the entity they nickname “The Apex”. I can assure you that the individual in question and I have had no prior experience that would have lead him to be belligerent and uncooperative with me. Later today I am calling for a meeting between the board to discuss this matter.

Relevant Material

Synthetic Revenants

Purpose / Detriment: Synthetic Revenants (SRs) are a group of (currently) exactly ten identical synthetic humanoids currently at the disposal of our organization.

Creation / Procurement Processes: On their own, a vessel for a SR is merely an organic humanoid grown in a gestation chamber. These vessels are not alive, and require another component to be animate. Currently the Bureau is in possession of an unnamed object capable of stripping incorporeal entites from their hosts and implanting them into others. Respected Bureau agents who are dedicated to the cause can consent to have their incorporeal essence stripped from them, and implanted into an SR host. A direct side effect of being posessed by an incorporeal entity is that their prescense leeches the heat from the air, and that the energy around them is unintentionally manipulated.

Due to not being grown with a nervous system, SRs can not feel pain.

Behavior: SRs, due to being inclined to the Bureau from creation, are tasked with interrogating, silencing, and using special techniques on the normal citizenry who encounter incongruities and speak about them. The information pertaining to affiliated entities of the Bureau which includes: [Data Effaced], [Data Effaced], and WWS should also constitute deploying of SRs.

“The Apex”

Purpose / Detriment: From what has been gathered from the espionage and data collecting efforts executed by the Bureau unto the Wayward Society, it has been found out that “The Apex” is a very dangerous and capable entity which has the aptitude to potentially end civilization. Not much is known about how the Great Circle is able to control it, but it is known that some sort of ritual is used.

Creation / Procurement Processes: The current location of this incongruity is unknown, and WWS is uncooperative in telling the Bureau.

Behavior: Not much is known on the mannerisms of this entity, but it is confirmed that it is indeed sapient, and violent. It has also been found out that it is most likely that this is the entity to which the WWS founder - Nate Ingram - was killed.

Purpose / Detriment: This person of interest is currently a functioning member of the administrative body of WWS, and also classifies as an incongruity. Research into the past of “Dane” has revealed that he has previously had ties to the occult, and has used various artifacts to enhance himself. Observed abilities are as follows: heat manipulation, and powers indicative of pyromancy.

Behavior: While not openly hostile to The Bureau and wanting to quell incongruities, “Dane” has refused the Bureau vital information and - as the Chairman states - “Openly hostile towards Bureau attempts to become more involved and friendly with the Society.”

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