On The Apex

By: Carl Baxterson

Now, it has recently come to my attention that some of our Society, arguably the most prolific of the secret societies of the North American continent, has been having a heated debate over the topic of 'The Apex'.

What is the Apex?

According to Society lore and conjecture, 'The Apex' is or was presumably the most powerful and mysterious aberrant imaginable. Common belief on what it is seems to contradict itself more than it brings us closer to the truth of the matter. Often times I think this is brought about by what I can only presume is wild imagination and the need for a good story to tell around the campfire, nothing which is meant to be factual but has been adopted as such. However, a lot of these stories do happen to share one point. Most state that this presumed aberrant was also the one that killed our late founder Nathaniel Ingram.

I, Carl Baxterson, will compile any current information and theories we have on the matter while putting forth some of my own beliefs. Keep in mind not all of it may be true, for it is currently impossible to know what the Apex actually is due to how unfortunately our origins are laid before us. One can only wonder whether those 14 Great Circle members chose to do this on purpose or not, or whether the current Great 13 are hiding something crucial from us. Thankfully, I am allowed to criticize and write as I please without fear of being tracked down and silenced, unlike some foreign and domestic organizations we are well aware about.

Anyways, here are the current stories in circulation. I will be personally commenting on them and stating what I think is their likeliness to be truth. Keep in mind all of these could be equally untrue.

Multiple aberrations which know of the legacy of the Apex have claimed to be it, or have claimed to have seen it. Unfortunately their claims are just as valid as if I were to state that I myself was The Apex as well.

I hope this article can be a help to those who are curious of the legend or are currently researching its origins as I am. Those who have any information pertaining to this great condundrum can find me at the South Carolina Data Collection Center. I can be reached at CCD.SWW|87BC#CCD.SWW|87BC via the private e-mail kiosk found at your local DCC. Remember that I can be reached only via the DCC kiosk network. Your personal phone or computer will not do.

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