War Memorial Page

This page is to commemorate all those who have lost their lives forwarding the Society mission in the Wayward Civil War, and is to serve as a reminder as to what happens when we take our focus off of the monsters we hunt and try to apply their often times malicious powers to cause despair amongst ourselves.

The American Wayward Society Civil War is one that happened as a direct result to its more well-known counterpart in the late 1800s. While one side used muskets and guerilla tactics, the other used artifacts and abominations to forward their own goals. Of the infighting of the Society, there were three main factions: members of the Society who supported the Union, those who supported the Confederation, and the moderates who wanted no part in the war. Although the moderates were the majority, those who made up the Union and Confederate supporting factions were also considerably sized too.

In the early months of the war, the Wayward Society (and it has been rumored perhaps the current members of the Great Circle at the time) had been infighting over whether to use the fruits of their hunts to support one side of the war or the other, or to just stay out of it entirely and go on with their volunteer work as normal.

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