Canon Policy

The Wayward Society Wiki will have a non-restrictive, baseline canon that can be nudged over time with a contributor vote. Essentially, this means that Wayward will have official lore pages with definitions for terms and history widely accepted to be canon by authors, which writers will be encouraged to abide by when drafting, but not restricted to.

This is our canon philosophy. Not quite one canon, but not quite multiple.

What does this mean?

This means that our canon is based around the Society Information Pages. Every new author will see these pages, and we will highly encourage new authors to utilize them. Because it is just encouragement, it means that Wayward staff will not be heavily curating articles for noncompliance with the lore pages, making it optional to regard or disregard anything in these pages.

As Society lore develops, we will be adding new definitions and canon proposals to these Society Information pages through contributor vote. This in essence will always allow the Wayward Society Wiki's narrative to progress without completely strangling writer freedom.

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