It is unknown when the first "HQ" for Society operations was established, or even where it is. Initially, these first meeting places were just buildings for individual outfits to meet up and discuss their plans with which they were to deal with the paranormal in their area. As the Society grew, the purposes of these places grew as well. Soon enough, after decades of recruitment, the first "Data Collection Centers" as we know them today were born and we started keeping a record of our history. Down the line, due to minor slip-ups every now and then, private contractors would catch wind of our mission and support us financially by posting bounties to these places. This created the first relations between the private sector and Society volunteers.

The DCCs, as they have come to be called, are the heart of the Society's day-to-day operations. Every day, countless numbers of people work to keep this database up to date and make sure that everything the Society knows about the creatures that stalk our woods is cataloged and understood to the best of our ability.

To find one of these places you just need to consult those listed on this page or ask around. That building around the corner that you thought was just some generic insurance company might, in reality, be a DCC in disguise.

Wayward Society DCCs

DCC: Bugfoot Sanctuary by Creak Cronk CrunkCreak Cronk Crunk 19 Mar 2019 22:37

Overview Bugfoot Sanctuary lobby on opening day. Notice: This DCC also doubles as an aberrant sanctuary for the Order of Wayweird Sanctuaries. Namely, an adoption center for white-threat...

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