DCC: Bugfoot Sanctuary


Bugfoot Sanctuary lobby on opening day.

Notice: This DCC also doubles as an aberrant sanctuary for the Order of Wayweird Sanctuaries. Namely, an adoption center for white-threat level aberrants. A list of currently adoptable companions has been listed under the "Additional Details".

Location: Ligonier, Pennsylvania

Description: The DCC/Animal Sanctuary hybrid is about as large as a small office building. There is a lobby hidden from view by a steel-reinforced oak door.

The lobby serves as the DCC and can be used to submit and reward bounties. Behind it is an indoor kennel for various aberrants being trained as a part of the Bugfoot Sanctuary mission to adopt easily-manageable aberrants to Warders who may be interested.

Cover Story: The DCC is to be referred to as ”Clarkson’s Hunting Appliances”. The reason nobody is to be let in beside Society volunteers is the following:

Clarkson’s Hunting Appliances is a privately run store for select local hunting groups. Admission into these clubs is restricted. When leaving, Warders are encouraged to take on a random assortment of products in a basket near the lobby. These range from things like car freshener to packs of assorted ammo with the ”Clarkson’s Hunting Appliances” branding.

Upon reaching the front, Warders are to say one of three possible responses, every word exactly. Any modification of these phrases will be met with a denial of entry, with the excuse being that the visitor is not on the list permitted to enter.

1. ”Hi, I’m just here to enter Clarkson’s to get some stuff. Mind letting me in?”

2. ”Heya, just here to get some stuff. Let me in please.” *wink*

3. ”Tell Clarkson that I’m here to talk about that custom gun. Lemme in.”

History: In 1965, Warders in the southeastern states, more specifically in North Carolina, saw a frightening sight: an insectoid man. Upon seeing them, the creature immediately flew away on ladybug-like wings at insane speeds. Ever since then, it hasn't been seen. The insect-man has been dubbed "Bugfoot" and has been a staple for Society tall tales since then, each retelling of the story distorting the original tale.

In 1973, in the spirit of this creature, the Bugfoot Sanctuary was established as a place to train white threat level aberrants for use by Warders to whom the Wayweird Sanctuary Order saw worthy of the responsibility. Since then, in 2005, a part of the building has been renovated to accommodate a Data Collection Center, and the sanctuary turned into a place to house aberrants deemed fit for more casual adoption, shipping out the more rowdy of the beasts to another dedicated facility elsewhere in the states.


Bugfoot Sanctuary Staff
Nate Ben Head Clerk of Bugfoot Sanctuary. Primary caretaker and trainer of aberrants housed at Bugfoot Sanctuary.
Samantha Gray In charge of record keeping and submission of evidence to database from volunteer work. In charge of the managing of transportation of aberrants into and out of Bugfoot Sanctuary.
Mark Ed In charge of the handing and rewarding of bounties. Oversees adoption process of Bugfoot Sanctuary.

Additional Info

Below is a quote from the Head Clerk Nate Ben on the terms of adoption.

”To adopt, I need at least one recommendation from an existing owner of any of our aberrants, and another from a ranger despite whether or not they own one of our creatures. We also require a check of the home they are to be housed in to see if you are a good fit. If you’re constantly on the move, we will suggest more suitable matches from either here or somewhere else depending on your outfit’s speciality."

Aberrants Housed Here:
Axehandle Hound (Adoptable)


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