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Terror Weeds
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Devil’s Bush

Description: Individual samples of the ”Terrorweed” species resemble the average tumbleweed with varying tones of darkness. A notable difference when examining both an average tumbleweed and an example of the aberrant reveal that the latter is very thorny.

When a sample of the aberrant first germinates and can be seen above ground, they are noticeably darker than their regular counterparts and are considerably crimson when looking at their roots and the base of their stalk. Unnatural behaviors surface once the plant detaches from the ground. Once this commences, the aberrant will go against the wind and look for a substantially sized, preferably red-blooded animal. Once contact has been made the aberrant will proceed to absorb the animal’s blood through their thorns.

Like most species of tumbleweed, the aberrant carries its seeds with it. As soon as the animal is drained of all of its blood, the aberrant will deposit its seeds into the corpse, which is usually discarded on the spot.

Disturbingly, it appears that the species has somewhat of a higher intelligence. When sensing larger prey through means currently unknown, aberrants have the ability to summon nearby samples of the plant and converge onto the victim’s location and immobilize it through sheer numbers before draining it of its blood. When the aberrant can not alert any nearby samples it will usually move on to smaller prey. However, there have been occasions observed where a starved sample, seemingly through desperation, will proceed with attacking larger prey, even humans. However, the amount they take relative to their size is almost never enough to kill an adult human or larger animal on their own. Seeds are never deposited into living animals, only smaller corpses.

Background: The first reported sighting of Terrorweeds was in the late 1800s after a couple of shipments of seeds of tumbleweeds had gotten mixed in with flax seeds, a crop native to Eurasia. It is also theorized Terrorweeds came to America in these same shipments of seeds and are native to the old world.

Location and Population: It is unknown how many samples of the aberrant exist, but they have the potential to be in any place that supports regular tumbleweeds. Reports of them appearing in harsh environments have surfaced in recent times, however. The samples have never been seen in a horde draining and killing humans, but they are an invasive species and wreak havoc wherever they are seen.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Terrorweeds are ill-named and are much less dangerous than their name leads them to be, but they are still pests. Flame should be the weapon of choice when dealing with Terrorweeds. Whether it be an individual or a horde the fire will spread and they will attempt to run away.

Encounter Records: Currently the log is being compiled. Any logs that are incoming from future hunts will be accepted. Please standby for a while until transcription and revision.

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