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TheSkilledFoxTheSkilledFox 17 Aug 2019 02:35
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About time you decided to show up

by TheSkilledFoxTheSkilledFox, 17 Aug 2019 02:35

I had some success on some other writing site with this as a forum game, and given the relative lack of activity on the forums here, I don't think this should get in the way at all.

I'm Dave, I wrote kind of a lot of stuff over here. Ask me a question and it shall be answered. Then someone else will respond by asking you a question. I don't think you need a lot of explanation for this concept.

1. The Easter Bunny is the only actually cute one
2. Whoever the host for the Divisma is at any given time is almost certainly cute, in like, an attractive-human-female sense, since they're literally divas and have marketing teams and makeup crews and stuff.
3. Ganesha can be adorable once you get used to her.
4. Pan is probably at least as cute as Groot is.
5. You got me fucking beat on #5.

What do you, the Wayward Society community, think the top five cutest aberrants are? and why?

List your top five picks and why you think they are the cutest, if desired. Feel free to debate as to why your choice is obviously the best one and all others are wrong in sub comments.

Okay, getting back to look at the new draft (from a month ago; sorry!). I'm glad you've decided to adopt a lot of these changes I suggested in terms of the dragon's "personality" and attitude towards the playful and away from the overtly threatening.

I think you've got a lot here that you need; your biggest problem now, to me, is that you've now just got too much. This draft is 2200 words, but the essential concept is "there are dragons, they're playful but dangerous, I ran into one one time, it went like ___". The density of prose here makes it a little hard to read as it is. I think you could honestly get it down to 1500 words or so just by hacking the shit out of it. Lots of words can communicate big ideas, but you're not writing this for big ideas, you're writing this to communicate things like personality, and too many words kills personality.

Most, if not all, of the Background and Location/Population sections can go; that feels like deep dragon lore, and you don't have to sell me on the entire dragon species and society and history and pottery and tea placement settings in this article. Show me one dragon alive in the encounter, you can show me one dragon being dissected to get into the anatomy shit if you really want to, and that basically gets the job done and doesn't take me all day to read.

So good news! I don't think you have to write any more. Now it's down to the hacking and slashing. Take a knife to this and then bludgeon me with a sledgehammer until I critique the next draft. Good luck!

Is this going the way of my SCP author page? I guess so. Cool.

Didn’t want people to wonder why an admin dropped out of thin air so here’s an update. Wayward was honestly a load of fun while it lasted. I had a great time with everyone, no doubt, and I will look back on the experience positively. That being said, I think it’s a good time to step out. The posting rate has dropped, and since I’m making big changes in my life soon, I don’t really have time to sit at my computer and watch internet drama go down anymore. See you all around.

Update by WydnessWydness, 30 Jul 2019 11:20

Good lord, this is…wow. This went from horrifying to incredibly bittersweet in such a nuanced way, and I love the characterization of both Patterson and Phil, and just… I feel like this is gonna stick with me.

by thefriendlyvandalthefriendlyvandal, 24 Jul 2019 15:08

I understand that the last version of this was pretty bland and confusing, so I decided to make rewrite that ads more character and consistency to the article.

hell yeah lads im so fucking pumped

by thefriendlyvandalthefriendlyvandal, 08 Jul 2019 22:37

Update: here's a list of contests coming up, most of them short fiction. Some of the awards are pretty damn hefty, but the bars are high, if anyone's feeling like they're ready for that.

Almond Press -- List of upcoming writing competitions

Update: another list with some fellowships as well

Lambda Literary

I sincerely tried several times to "get this" and it just isn't computing. I get that it's… I mean, I get that one might describe it as parody. But I just don't get anything out of this. I've heard of similar stories being done very well, so it's not that "gross deformed guy" is some kind of a problem by itself. Basically, even jokes need to hinge on something to make me take the joke seriously. This just feels like a meme in prose form.

Also, were the football players at prom in pads?

by EskobarEskobar, 05 Jul 2019 12:56

Basically, it sounds like you wrote this as a lark, which is fine as an exercise and all, but it doesn't do anything for me as a work of fiction on the wiki. I don't know if there's a fix for this one.

this is literature. wish it could have included wayward more but somehow it also fits

by thefriendlyvandalthefriendlyvandal, 04 Jul 2019 13:54

Replied to your comment in a new post, I am not sure if that is correct or I should be replying trough here-

Hello Wydness, thanks a lot for the feedback.

I can see what you mean in the group being too threatening for the Wayward universe. I'll try to work in that. I, however, wasn't able to find much about the Pheonix/Phoenix initiative?

The mirror links main purpose/threat is to let aberrations from another world onto this one, that is why the members of the pocket create them in the first place, I attributed the fact that any aberration entering this world cannot be detected to something the bizarres do in the procedure of transforming a normal mirror into a mirror links. From an In-Universe perspective; they do that so the aberrations that come trough won't be immediately killed. From a writing perspective, I did that to not have the mirror links function as a way to alert the Norman worldwide and screw up all lore.

The tattletale wasn't meant to be any way to skip plot-development. Initially I had him as a rogue bizarre member that sides with no one and views the fight between normalcy/aberrations as a game, he has probably told warders information of other organizations too. If the problem is him anomalously getting information; maybe I could have him infiltrate/spy other organizations using his bilocations/teleportation abilities?

The painting thing is completely true, I planned on writing it as an already inactive aberration, is that not permitted? I also thought about the possibility of digital media (photographs/videos) of it existing so they can’t simply destroy the painting and be done with it.

I said on Discord that I'd take a look at this so here goes. I'd like to give you a fair warning - writing a new fringe group as a first project on this site will be quite a difficult undertaking for a new writer. Between convincing people to contribute to it, establishing lore, actually writing successful fringe formats for it, and potentially making new CSS, it's quite an undertaking. That being said, I'll take a look at your ideas.

Your fringe group seems to have a similar goal to the existing Pheonix Initiative, but I'm not too held up on that since the Pheonix Initiative still has little development. My main problem is that I feel this is too widespread or threatening for the Wayward universe. Interdimensional travel and time travel are concepts that the Wayward Wiki has barely touched on, and for good reason - Warders simply don't have the resources to stop a universe-threatening entity. Additionally, the idea that the "Aleki Bizarre" may themselves be aberrations is a bit… cliché. I would greatly recommend scaling this down, perhaps to a group of anarchists experimenting with dimensional-altering aberrations and anomalies.

Onto the aberration ideas…..

The Mirror Links are fine, though a bit of a basic concept, until the final line. Why would Normans specifically be unable to see creatures that emerge from the mirrors for up to an hour? This comes from out of nowhere and doesn't make much sense.

The Tattletale is boring. He's a character that would skip any sort of plot development in favor of immediately giving private, top-secret information to anyone who asks, leaving very little room for creation of other characters and storylines.

Although The Painting is the kind of compulsive/infectious object that would immediately get shot down on similar writing sites, I honestly wouldn't mind seeing a Wayward take on it. The stipulation being that the Wayward Society would want it destroyed. There's no real reason to keep something so lethal around.

Re: Aleki's pocket of bizarre. by WydnessWydness, 03 Jul 2019 01:15

I am not too sure of what this wiki thinks of groups outside the wayward society, I've read about the bureau and fringe groups, but I believe those to be groups looking forward to destroy the anomalous. What about a group that works to spread it? A group of people which only goal is to turn the world into chaos. That is what Aleki's pocket of bizarre is.

"The weirder, the better."

Some of the aberrations I thought;



Hello all. Short fiction ahoy. If you make a new page using the box, it'll give you the template, which includes instructions. I've done everything in my power to make this idiot-proof, and I was able to post the first one, so I guess it worked.

Also, since I'm writing this the morning after I posted it, I incorporated some of the suggestions from Discord. If you're looking at a entry with some {$missing} {$sections}, it's because the author wrote it before I added those sections, jerking the rug out from under them like a bitch, like an absolute cad of a man.

Have fun!

Ugh first post or something by EskobarEskobar, 02 Jul 2019 10:05

yo sweet tan bro

by GibbyFuckingDiesGibbyFuckingDies, 02 Jul 2019 04:48
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