The Phoenix Initiative

The Phoenix Initiative

Former base of operations of the Phoenix Initiative.

"Phoenix Initiative"
Name: Phoenix Initiative
Aliases: N/A
Number: Small, seven known members.
Type: Cult
Threat Level: Red
Society Policy: Hostile, group actively creates threats with the ability to cause mass human death. Location of their base of operations is high priority.

Description: The Phoenix Initiative is a cult dedicated to utilizing aberrants to harm humanity, but not necessarily reveal the supernatural to the rest of the world. The methods by which they produce these aberrations is unknown. The locations of the seven members are unknown. For information regarding the group prior to the current iteration, see the document retrieved from Society archives attached below.

Additional Information: What follows is a document uncovered from an abandoned Initiative base in Washington state. The names listed appear to be projects the group had created, although the identity of the author is unknown.

It is currently believed that the document is incomplete.

Aims: Unknown.

History: The current iteration of the Phoenix Initiative was conceived in 1994 after the cessation of communications with the Great Circle for a period of one year. No direct line of communication has yet been established.

Known Members
Joice Tremetra A woman in her early twenties, graduated with a major in astrophysics from Harvard University.
Christian Hughes A man in his late sixties, formerly a moderately successful entrepreneur.
Hailey Georgia A woman in her late twenties.
Unknown Majored in biochemistry.
Unknown Majored in nuclear engineering.
Unknown A man of indistinct age. Has a beard.
Unknown A woman of indistinct age. Wears glasses.

Associated Aberrants:
The Walking Men


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