Allen I'm so sorry

Processed By: Allen Reeve Sent By: Elise Rogers
Date/Time Received: 1 July 2019 Date/Time Processed: 5 July 2019
Transcript of Report Received: Allen. We found Rob's backpack on your front porch around 2pm. Plain daylight. Still had all his homework in it, absolutely pristine. We spent the afternoon out there looking around and we found him just at dusk, two miles from Porter's creek, it had had him spread out there on a wooden frame. I don't know how to describe to you the state of the body, but it's been three hours and I still feel numb. We just stood there in shock. He'd had been sitting there stretched out tanning in the sun like that, just in broad daylight, and the birds were still singing like nothing had happened, like nothing cared, like we were nothing, like he was nothing. We went back to the meeting hall. We have absolutely no idea what to do, we couldn't bring ourselves to touch it to move him out of there. Bill took out that young one of theirs, remember, made it into a carpet two months ago. Felix and I think it was revenge. We had no idea they could feel and I have no idea if he's going to be okay, or if you're going to be okay, we tried to call you but you didn't pick up, we had no idea we were going to find him like this, and it's just… oh my god, Allen, it's still just sitting out there. I'm so fucking sorry. I have no idea how to tell you, but it's been hours since we found him and the sun's down and he's still just sitting out there, two miles from Porter's, stretched out on that goddamn frame. Oh my god, Allen, this was how they must have felt. Oh my god. The birds were still singing.

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