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Here is a list of currently active staff members. Direct inquiries towards them. This list is subject to change.



Creak Cronk CrunkCreak Cronk Crunk
Karen you horrific wench release me from this accursed creative writing website!

I hit the rating module with a bat and made it show numbers. I also made some neat visual stuffs. I do critique sometimes, and help tie up other loose ends around the site. If you think we are missing something around here or have questions, feel free to contact me.

VarroRVarroR - Site Manager/Master Admin
I am one of the original seven or so users who started all this nonsense. I'm not always as active as I'd like, but if you have any questions on the site guidelines, philosophy, or any little thing you're curious about feel free to come to me. I'll answer every question to the best of my ability whilst you struggle to pronounce my name.

I mostly do critique, tagging, and licensing-related things, which you can contact me about at any time. I'm also usually one of the people who handles disciplinary stuff, here and in chat. If needed, you can also come to me with questions about the site and its policies, and I keep watch over the FAQ page, if you have any suggestions for that.


None currently.

Junior Moderators

I am a member of Wayward staff and I have some involvement in its social media. specifically its Reddit and Tumblr. If anyone has any comments, questions, concerns, suggestions, or complaints then they may contact me on either wikidot or on Discord. My Discord is currently Liberonscien#0930.

A captured primate of the species codus monkus, commonly known as "code monkeys." If there's any work related to CSS or Wikidot functionality that needs to get done, I might be able to do it if I'm not busy throwing shit at the wall.



Eon ApocalypseEon Apocalypse


War Time BuckleyWar Time Buckley

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