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This page is for free-form works taking place within the universe of the Wayward Society. For works pertaining to found media, and for formatted documentation pertaining to the Society or any Fringe (such as The Bureau), please direct it to the Bahane Library.

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Wayward Society Tales

A Hunt On Bogginghill Lake by Ellie3Ellie3 02 May 2019 16:36

Lila, I decided to pay a visit to Bogginghill Lake. And no, I don't need any help. I'll see you in a bit, hopefully. ~ Joseph Sitting in his old, rusty fishing boat, Joseph Acosta carefully pushed...

Rating: 4.4

It's Rainin' Men! Hallelujah! by YossiLeinerYossiLeiner 16 May 2019 03:44

Two days ago, red thunderclouds appeared over the remote town of Payson, Arizona, and seventeen men fell from the sky. I was there, watching silently as they screamed all sorts of profanities at no...

Rating: 4.1

my deer by Hot SpringsHot Springs 29 Mar 2019 21:20

There is an island peninsula north of Clearmount, south of Gaston where the deer beat men. Looks normal, like any other deer you'd see in the woods. + until it moves - that is not a deer those legs...

Rating: 3.9

Sampson's Journey by SonKingKongSonKingKong 21 Apr 2019 07:04

My eyes peered into the panel of the one-way mirror where I could see a young boy undergoing a physical exam. I eyed my fidgeting colleague, sensing his excitement at the prospects of his project. ...

Rating: 2.6

We Live In A (Wayward) Society by Ellie3Ellie3 15 Jun 2019 23:38

DCC: 'Normality Imprisoned' New Notice posted by Veronica Parker in Florence, Wisconsin (2-12-2017) Hello, all nearby Warders. For the past few weeks, my work has been interrupted constantly by this...

Rating: 4.3

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