Wayward Society Interactive Map

Before leaving, SonKingKongSonKingKong had plans to make a Google Map such as this one to track different aberrations and such on the site, like he did in Occulens Rays. As far as I know, it never quite came to fruition, and it's not like anyone would be able to update it now. This is my attempt to re-create the original idea, and I do intend to update it periodically. I don't consider this to be an official page for all of staff to edit; this is my own personal project that I'm leaving here as reference.

Notes on Use

1. I'll only be linking articles which describe an exact or approximate location for the phenomena taking place.

2. This map is primarily for tracking Aberrations, Data Collection Centers, and Fringe articles, but certain Bahane and Tale pages may end up on here too.

3. In some cases, the locations on the map are my headcanon or best approximation of the location described in an article (because Google Maps and intent of the original author can only get us so far), and you probably shouldn't be treating the geographic coordinates of each marker as fact. Just read the linked page and decide from there.

4. If I got something wrong, or you want me to add your Aberration/DCC/etc., feel free to tell me in the discussion section.

5. All the different types of articles shown here are separated into layers on the map. If, for example, you wanted to only see the locations of metaphs, click the button on the top left and filter all the other layers out.

6. Yeah, I know the icons aren't the best. I'm working on it.

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